Val has a solo trip in Paris and stumbles across her new favourite jewellery shop: DEE THINGS


There are certain perks to my job and travelling is definitely one of them. Seeing new cities and being alone makes you a bit fearless and forces you to have the balls to explore by yourself.


I had the luxury of working in Paris last week. I LOVE paris, but it always makes me fat. I find it impossible to resist a pain au chocolate for breakfast, bread with my mussels for lunch and frites with my steak for dinner.. and lets not talk about THE WINE.


YES, I broke my SOBEROCTOBER… but more on that in the next post.


While on my travels through Le Marais, and on looking for Matières à Réflexion ( one of Clemence Poesy’s Parisian recommendations ) I came across another very cool jewellery shop called DEE THINGS. Run by parisian Vanessa Depierre, it is literally my dream jewellery shop. Simple, ornate and COOL. Just VERY VERY cool.


She stocks the kind of pieces you want to make for yourself, and the kind you can share with your man. the type of jewellery that become your permanent look. I bought some tiny hoops from New York Adorned last year ( my favourite tattoo parlour in NYC ) and I have been searching for similar ones ever since. SHE STOCKS THEM!


I bought way too many things, which I think anyone who visits this shop will. I am particularly fond of my gold ear jewel below. Vanessa is rock and roll and each piece in this shop is god damn rock n roll.

Dee things is located on 17 Rue De poitiou.

Her instagram is @deethingsshop

To visit her website click here

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