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Over the last 15 years coffee has invaded Britain, our high street, our homes, our offices. Coffee shops are found everywhere, supermarkets, service stations, markets, festivals and pretty every other shop front! According to ICO data the imports of ground coffee roughly double 1997 and 2010. Influence by European, American and Australasian coffee cultures we read more

Bank Holiday Blow Out That extra day the bank holiday brings is all about letting your hair down and having fun. Usually that means eating and partying a little more than usual. So the Tuesday morning after a bank holiday Monday should be about finding yin to the yang of the weekend; counterbalancing excesses with read more

We ask Libby Limon, our nutritionist and one of our yoga teachers all about the her holistic REBOOTCAMP at FRAME.   What is REBOOTCAMP all about? It is a week long nutrition and exercise programme that is designed to help you kick start changes to help you achieve your fitness goals. It is developed to read more

  Nutritionist Libby Limon gives us her tips on how to create a positive healthy lifestyle and relationship with your body… I see many women in my clinic that have a bad relationship with their bodies. When listening to their stories it usually starts in their teenage years, when, for whatever reason, maybe our media read more

a change

A Change…

They say… A Change is as Good as a Rest No matter who you are or how fit you are everyone reaches plateaus when it comes to achieving fitness and weight goals.  You start out all guns blazing, find a diet and exercise routine that works for you, you are making great progress and then read more

Being healthy doesn’t have to be time consuming…….   Libby Limon Frame’s in-house nutritionist talks about some quick and easy tools for keeping fit and healthy…   The majority of my clients are young professionals, most of whom are experiencing wellbeing imbalances due to the rigour of modern city life. Whilst their health issues express read more

  New Year is here and with it the desire to shake off the overindulgence of the previous few weeks. Everyone is talking about ‘Detox’ and ‘Cleanse’, but what does that even mean and how can you do it effectively to get the best results? We ask in-house nutritionist, Libby Limon, to guide us through read more