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Going gluten free…and pretty much grain free, makes bread off the cards….usually. I have to say I really don’t miss it that much…however the other day I had bought some delicious smoked salmon and avocado and thought why not get a little experimental and make a proper sandwich.

Stuck for Xmas gift ideas? Before you drop from your weekly, tri-weekly or, for that matter daily, Frame induced exhaustion, pop by Frame Reception and gather some gifts. Our in-house stylist, Polly, has put together some snaps of all that’s on offer. Bobble Bottle— £10 Bobble Filter— £5 Frame Grip Socks— £10 Yoga Mat— £15 read more

Reason #1 Frame is the BEST and you want to spread the word and the fitness LOVE!!! With Frame settling into it’s new Queens Park surroundings perfectly and 2 new studios opening in the next door arch in Shoreditch, we want to welcome all your friends and family. Reason #2 Enable your friends and family read more

Show me the FASHION!!

For all those who used to try and haul their heavy tums and lethargy laden legs out of bed at 7 in the morning to try and make it to our 8am Pregnancy yoga- fear not! We now have the wonderful and inspiring Joanne King teaching antenatal Yoga at 5.30 every Monday evening. Pre-Natal Yoga read more

Is it the done thing to promote other people’s blogs? I don’t know the blog-a-sphere etiquette but I do know this blog is worth a read. In the words of it’s creator; Shaun Usher (who is, I believe, a writer) “Letters of Note is an attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos. read more

… This Saturday at 2.30pm. Ok folks, I know it’s getting chilly and difficult to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning, let alone a weekend morning, but 2.30pm on Saturday you can do! Whether you want your weekend to be an energised couple of days on the go (“party, party, party darling”) or read more