The last weekend is upon us Framers! Most of us have finished our last week of work now, we’ve had the work Christmas parties where we got drunk and embarrassed ourselves in front of our employees, we’ve battled through the throngs of shoppers and stood in queues for longer than our patience allows just to read more

New Year is a time of change and growth. Or something. We can enjoy the relaxing Christmas period and use it as an opportunity to reflect on the year that has passed and think about how best to move forward in a positive and excellent way. Its also a time to take a pause and read more

Right. Its the 16th now. I can’t avoid it any longer, Christmas is practically tomorrow. With only one week left to work out, NOW IS THE TIME to cleanse the body in preparation for eating fatty foods that are covered in lashings of everything sickly and yum. Just ten days until we find ourselves sat read more

So on my days off, I still come to Frame to workout, dance…. or Party (I am addicted) And I met an instructor I have never ever seen before- I assumed she was new, because apparently according to me: I am that popular, I know everybody…? HAAA.. Hmmmm.. she wasn’t new at all…!! Shame. So read more

I don’t know what it is about Christmas time: but every year without fail, a cloud of pressure descends on me. I do try and exercise more, because, obviously we all know that exercising really does SCIENTIFICALLY reduce stress. but what with it being freezing and having loads of parties to go .. I do find it hard to read more

Stuck for Xmas gift ideas? Before you drop from your weekly, tri-weekly or, for that matter daily, Frame induced exhaustion, pop by Frame Reception and gather some gifts. Our in-house stylist, Polly, has put together some snaps of all that’s on offer. Bobble Bottle— £10 Bobble Filter— £5 Frame Grip Socks— £10 Yoga Mat— £15 read more

So, its December, I am well and truly FAR GONE into my heavy drinking and carb eating ways. But, I am ok with that. Its Christmas soon.. and at Christmas we all give ourselves a well deserved break. But ladies, its my birthday in January, and I am damn sick of being a bit podgy on my birthday and read more