Creamy scrambled eggs, how I do love these delights! Eggs are amazing as they are cheap, quick to cook and packed full of goodness. One egg contains 6 grams of high quality protein and all 9 essential amino acids. You cant get another food that is more complete than that!

Liver is a food you associate with your grandparents or the war and is not really in fashion these days. While organ meats used to be on the weekly menu, the majority of people these days would never consider eating them. Liver has a strong flavour that is not to everyone’s liking, which is why this pate recipe is so great; even if you don’t like liver, you will love this.

As someone who can’t eat dairy (despite a major obsession with Total Greek yogurt) I’m always on the look out for a healthy alternative. After doing some research into dairy free products I discovered that soya milk (often pitched as a health food) can be pretty unhealthy, highly processed and loaded with sugar, fat and read more

Okay, so you might be freaking out, going this girl is crazy, she is putting raw eggs into her smoothies, I promise you this is a much better add in than commercial made highly processed oxidized protein powder.

Who ever said breakfast was boring? These banana bread squares are gluten free, sugar free and taste like heaven.

I recently have started using yogurt in my cake recipes, it has been a great addition making them moist and fluffy. Yogurt is a huge part of my diet as it is full of beneficial bacteria that helps my digestive tract.

I’m obsessed with matcha, and it is without fail a part of every single day. It has changed my early mornings from drowsily dragging my feet to being one of the only bright-eyed and bushy-tailed people on the tube. It has changed my appetite for coffee. If you’re wanting to minimize or eliminate your coffee intake, matcha is the way to go. Did you know green tea is the only form of caffeine (I think..) that has an alkalizing rather than acidic effect on your body?

Yes….It’s that time of the week when we need that extra boost of something good- to lift us out of this dead, monotonous mood this weather is putting us through…Come on spring time already!   Lovin’ this little beauty that Emma (weekend smoothie lady) has been popping into my favourite (Green and lean smoothie) … read more