Stuck for Xmas gift ideas? Before you drop from your weekly, tri-weekly or, for that matter daily, Frame induced exhaustion, pop by Frame Reception and gather some gifts. Our in-house stylist, Polly, has put together some snaps of all that’s on offer. Bobble Bottle— £10 Bobble Filter— £5 Frame Grip Socks— £10 Yoga Mat— £15 read more

Reason #1 Frame is the BEST and you want to spread the word and the fitness LOVE!!! With Frame settling into it’s new Queens Park surroundings perfectly and 2 new studios opening in the next door arch in Shoreditch, we want to welcome all your friends and family. Reason #2 Enable your friends and family read more

In this chilly weather, a sandwich or salad doesn’t hit the spot in terms of a comforting and nourishing lunch. If you have a class in the afternoon, a warming soup is perfect as it doesn’t sit too heavily on the stomach. They’re a great way to get in your five-a-day and with the help read more

Show me the FASHION!!

  This month El Jimador and The Square Meal set a challenge to 8 different bars in London to create the most delicious cocktail using El Jimador Tequila. Each of the bars featured then served them up, complimentary, to the quivering and anticipatory lips of Frame’s very own Polly Gammage. She had been specially selected to read more

New magazines full of beautiful images and interesting editorial are always a treat but its quite rare to come across a publication that feels totally different to everything else on the market.  Introducing the inspiring Mother magazine. The original aesthetic with its Anglo/Japanese vibe was the thing that caught my eye.  Launched this month, this read more

As any woman who knows her vitamins from her antioxidants, avocados are the ultimate ” face food”. With 27 % of your daily B vitamins,  and rich in essential fatty acids… Avocados are the way to go for creamy, glowing skin. Personally I like my avocado on toast with chilli flakes and lemon juice ( read more