I am so excited by the prospect of returning to Suryalila for the March Yoga retreat with Frame. Nothing beats the feeling of being immersed in a yoga practice and having time to contemplate and hit reset in a beautiful place. For me having the pleasure to be creative and to see people release, relax read more

Get energised in the morning with Claudia’s deliciously decadent yet healthy granola! If you’ve met our fantastic instructor Claudia Newland you’ll know she is an excitable bundle of fun, never without a big smile, bags of encouragement and more enthusiasm than you can shake a stick at. How does she do it you may ask? read more

Want To Build Muscle And Burn Fat? Thought So. Bicep curls are great, but they’re not exactly going to build a whole lot of muscle and burn a whole load of fat on their own. You need to work harder. You need to think in large muscle groups for that, along the lines of chest, read more

THE DARK CIRCUS PARTY A Carnival Of Curiosities   Wave a solitary farewell to all that is ordinary, pack a disgracefully dazzling outfit, and run away to the circus with wicked abandon. The Dark Circus Party steps into the shadows on Saturday 1st February 2014, beckoning Londoners with gloved fingers to join this carnival of read more

BODY BLOG 2014- The year of Mr Fix-My-Frame. Week 1   Right, sod this. I’m bored of feeling slow, making excuses and wincing whenever I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, dans le buff. I GIVE UP! I admit it. Christmas got me. That time of year when we try and make that fat read more

  Hip Opening Workshop – Release trapped emotions and relieve tension Have trouble with your hips? Not after this amazing Yoga Workshop you won’t! This workshop will focus on unlocking the physical tension and trapped emotions that we store in our hips, glutes, hamstrings and deep into the piriformis.  You will experience a deep release read more


Kettlebell It Right!

  Perfect your Kettlebell technique in 2014! If you’ve never taken a Kettlebells class you may not have heard about the benefits of this awesome workshop. A complete body workout using every muscle you have, the aim of this workshop is to tone up without turning into a scary, steroid-pumped weightlifter! You’re going to ache the next day, but read more