July is almost over guys, now is the time to catch the best veg in season for now! July and August are great months for summery veg so get ‘em whilst you can! Beetroot’s fabulous colour provides a dramatic addition to any plate and lettuce radish and courgette are all at their best right now. read more

Are you lying in bed wondering what to do with your Saturday? It’s the end of the month, you’re potentially skint and the thought of a (maybe) rainy escape out and about is becoming less and less appealing. We have an alternative- and you don’t even need to leave your house. Let’s get your tummy read more

To those of you heading to Secret Garden this weekend, have fun! We are jealous of your weekend of dancing and great music ahead of you. So jealous in fact we have decided to get in on the fun ourselves and are excited to announce  that Frame will be at Bestival this year! Look how read more

This is just so delicious and so easy we had to share, no excuses this Thursday for not slapping up a super healthy meal in literally NO TIME WHATSOEVER! The ingredient list is healthy and nourishing and couldn’t be more simple: For the slaw: 1 carrot, grated into long, thin strips using a julienne peeler read more

Always good to plan ahead they say! We couldn’t agree more, planning ahead makes you accountable for your own success whether in your food choices or within your fitness goals. We have lots available this weekend!   Kundalini Workshop – Shoreditch studio, Saturday 25th July Kundalini yoga opens pathways for change and healing. It is read more

For those of you who have not been to one of Cassius’ classes, you’re really missing out. This guys knows how to move, but more importantly get’s you moving, flexing and twirling around for the work-out that doesn’t feel like a work-out, it’s just loads of good fun!  We asked Cassius a few questions so read more

Get ahead of the game with your healthy lunches this week. FRAME have teamed up with Lunch BXD to give you 50% off your first order. These girls know about the struggle for healthy and nutritious food at your desk, so they did something about it! Meet Naomi and Anna and find out how to read more