There’s no point in resisting it any more, Framers. Winter is firmly on its way and Christmas is peeping its enthusiastic head through the autumn leaves. The Christmas lights on Oxford street are up (although they are a bit disappointing and weird this year) and along with all the festive fan-dangle and the over zealous window displays read more

As I end week number two of Dry November, I have to admit I am feeling pretty smug. I wake up at 8am like a spring chicken and I feel like I am ticking off To Do Lists that I started in 2010. But, the BEST thing about not drinking are the dozens of pretty read more

For all those who used to try and haul their heavy tums and lethargy laden legs out of bed at 7 in the morning to try and make it to our 8am Pregnancy yoga- fear not! We now have the wonderful and inspiring Joanne King teaching antenatal Yoga at 5.30 every Monday evening. Pre-Natal Yoga read more

The dreaded moment! When your boyfriend suggests having a ‘soiree’ at your flat. “Nothing too fancy babe, just some nibbles, – its mum and dads anniversary and I thought we could throw them a party here.” The awkward response “oh really, here….. mmmm yeah!.. Great idea babe” The parents. The P A R E N read more

New magazines full of beautiful images and interesting editorial are always a treat but its quite rare to come across a publication that feels totally different to everything else on the market.  Introducing the inspiring Mother magazine. The original aesthetic with its Anglo/Japanese vibe was the thing that caught my eye.  Launched this month, this read more

I am a sucker for new openings. I feel like I HAVE to try new restaurants in the first few weeks, as I get serious envy if my friends are talking about this cocktail or that ceviche. So I was disgusted to find out that, on my only attempt at having a dry month, there would be read more

Is it the done thing to promote other people’s blogs? I don’t know the blog-a-sphere etiquette but I do know this blog is worth a read. In the words of it’s creator; Shaun Usher (who is, I believe, a writer) “Letters of Note is an attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos. read more