Ida May


This week we’re getting up close and personal with Frame instructor Ida May. Find out how she manages to fit in rehearsals, socialising and teaching her epic Frame classes whilst still managing to smell so good…


6:55 ‘WAKE ME UP before you GO GO!’ alarm n a snooze, just can’t help it. Extra 5min in bed please.


7:05 Kettle is on, lemon squeezed n sliced in  a cup. Love a hot lemon water to start the day. Replenish, detox and purify. Quick shower with oh so satisfying line up of Aesop products. Pleasing to the eye and good for the body. Coriander Seed Body Cleanser is one of my favourites. Amazing stimulating piquant scents.


Today is an easy start for me. 10AM call time. Feels so good to have a slow start for the day as I love a long breakfast. My favourite meal of the day. Or one of my favourite meals! Green is good and so is avocados, eggs n extra whites, fresh spinach and parsley, homemade beetroot hummus, nuts nuts nuts, nori seaweed flakes and flaxseed mix, himalayan salt and a long black coffee. Happy and set for the day.


9:50 Meeting the team at the studios in Angel. We are rehearsing for the music video which will be shot two days later. Love seeing some familiar faces, and meeting the new. Two of my dancer friends have flown all over from Greece for this job, great rendezvous!! Last time I was working with them in Lake Como, Italy. Booooom!! This is gona be fun!


Day goes by quick, lunch and homemade snacks. Dried figs filled w/ almond butter and the darkest rawest chocolate I can find. Keeps me going til 4PM. Rehearsals done. Time to hit the studio. Hello Frame Shoreditch.


530PM Just about to teach my first class of the day. High intensity to the max.

630PM One more. Full class. Buzzing.


730PM Shower n a quick make up face hair touch up. Bobby Brown concealer, Mac bronzer for the cheeks, Revlon hair wax that I got from the tour and the most important thing is the perfume. All what I care of is a fresh feeling, simple clothes (yes, most likely all black) and a fragrance that makes me feel amazing. Tonight it’s Comme Des Garcon – Monocle – Scent 2. Got my feet in my Ricks and ready to rock. Friend’s headlining at the O2 Academy Brixton tonight.  South London here we go!! Can’t wait.


And what happens tomorrow. Is something totally different. Beauty of life. Flowing with it.


If a day in the life of Ida sounds good to you why not spend a week with our Finnish beauty basking in the Moroccan sun? Ida will be teaching a mixture of Yoga, Pilates and Frame Signature classes. 2 x 90 minute sessions per day guaranteed to get you fit, toned and super energised. 8-15 August 2015 £695 including all food, accommodation and classes. Email for more details




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