Frame instructor of the week - Yasmine Say


Frame Fitness Instructor of the week – Yasmin Say

Hey there, how you doing? What you teaching at Frame at the moment?

Hi! It’s great to be welcomed into the FRAME family and I can’t wait to get started! I’m going to be teaching Frame Cardioframe Camp and HIIT PT from the beginning of June onwards on Monday nights. Get ready to work, people!

Tell us about your background? Have you always been a fitness/Yoga/Pilates/Dance instructor? How did you get into it?

I actually made a brave decision at the end of last year to have a career change — previously I was doing Design, Brand and Marketing for 10 years. I’ve always had a huge passion for fitness as I used to do Gymnastics and Dance during my school years. I then started doing long-distance running in my twenties…and didn’t stop! I essentially wanted a career that would marry my two passions of fitness and teaching. Now I’m a fully qualified Personal Trainer and loving it!

What do you love most about teaching at Frame?

I’ll have to wait and see to answer that question…but having participated in the classes myself, I just love the energy! Everyone’s buzzing from the start and I also like the fact the classes are kept quite small — we’re all focused and motivated to have a good workout!

What do you do to stay in shape outside of teaching classes?

Aside from my long-distance running and signing up for my next race, I love walking and hiking. I lived in Southern California for a year where there are some beautiful hiking trails, as well as stunning beaches where you can do barefoot running. Shame we don’t have the same weather over here in London!

Do you have any little workout tips for us?

I believe the most efficient type of training that really increases your cardio threshold is HIIT/Tabata training. I am also a big lover of bodyweight exercises, for example using the TRX. But with any type of workout the most important thing to remember is to listen to your body. Overtraining will nearly always lead to injury!

What about a pre/post exercise snack? What will help us to become as strong/ fast/bendy as you?!!

Pre-workout I’ll have a banana. Post-workout I will have a Bounce energy ball or make myself a smoothie. I love juices from The Juice Well in Soho.

Music is a key part of teaching classes – where do you find your music inspiration from?

Usually from my playlists I compile for my running, which contain a lot of commercial Dance and R&B tracks.

What’s your number 1 tune to sweat to?

Anything by Britney — I’m a massive fan of hers and always will be!

What is your favourite work-out outfit and where can we get our hands on it?!

For workout leggings, it’s usually anything by Nike or Lululemon.  But I do love to mix and match brands! And ladies — a good, well-fitted sports bra is ESSENTIAL!

One piece of advice for everyone reading this to stay healthy and happy in 2015

Don’t believe in the faddy diets and quick-fixes. The key to being healthy and happy in the long-term is everything in moderation! And drink lots of water!

 Finally – this is your time – tell us something interesting about yourself? What do you do when you’re not teaching at Frame

When I’m not doing Personal Training I love going to gigs and watching films. I go and see Art and Design exhibitions whenever I can, too, as that’s my background. London is the best place to be for the culture side of things — you’re never bored in this city!


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