Hey there, how you doing? What you teaching at Frame at the moment?

Good thanks, pretty achy and sore at present! Frame Camp, Sweat Factory & Vibe but soon to be teaching Method, Rebounding, Ballet Barre and hopefully a few more!


Tell us about your background? Have you always been a fitness/Yoga/Pilates/Dance instructor? How did you get into it?

I trained at The Royal Ballet School so definitely have a dance background! I got into Pilates and fitness at school as we did a lot of body conditioning during our training. In 2008 whilst dancing for The National Ballet of Ireland I suffered stress fractures in my lumber spine which meant I had to take a year out. During this down time I trained as a personal trainer; to keep my brain and body active! As I went through rehabilitation I continued the fitness training alongside my dancing, now I juggle both, guest teaching for vocational schools and ballet companies too!


What do you love most about teaching at Frame?

I love the energy of the place and how up for it the members are! I also love helping to inspire people to reach their fitness goals whilst having fun. Making playlists for my classes is also a massive plus. I get to vent my guilty pleasures at full volume!


What do you do to stay in shape outside of teaching classes?

I take ballet and contemporary technique classes regularly as well as yoga when I have enough time. I’m also partial to the odd intense gym session followed by a good steam room to relax my muscles. I’m a bit addicted to the exercise endorphins!


Do you have any little workout tips for us?

Jog or cycle to your Frame classes/gym workouts if you can.  It’ll get the blood pumping and warm you up so you’ll be working at full throttle from the get go; making the most of your workout and seeing even more results even quicker. When you don’t feel like exercising that’s when you should do some! And get an exercise buddy; then you have someone to answer to if you don’t turn up to a class!


 What about a pre/post exercise snack? What will help us to become as strong/ fast/bendy as you?!!

I like to exercise on a fairly empty stomach so won’t generally eat less than an hour and a half to two hours before anything strenuous. I do however have a big breakfast, full of slow releasing carbohydrates and plenty of protein. Post work out I crave salt and my blood sugar tends to be very low so I’ll always have an isotonic drink to rehydrate, along with a fresh fruit smoothie which is ideal for evening out the blood sugar. When I get home I’ll then have a protein and vegetable heavy meal!


Music is a key part of teaching classes – where do you find your music inspiration from?

I try to mix things up a bit as well as ask the group at the beginning of class what they fancy working out to. For the cardio fitness classes I love a bit of dance music. I tend to go for remixes of classics but at the moment I’m having a real Madonna and Kylie groove!


What’s your number 1 tune to sweat to?

I’m a bit obsessed with Miike Snow at the minute so the flavour of the moment is ‘Paddling Out.’  My all time classic track however is Madonna ‘Material Girl’ !!


What is your favourite work-out outfit and where can we get our hands on it?!

I’m a Lycra girl at heart and tend to stick to brand names like Adidas.  I’m loving uni-qlo’s heat tech tops in this current weather and can never resist a bargain from TK max; awesome for leggings.  If its a dance based class you’ll often find me wearing a Yumiko leotard with a slashed t-shirt over the top.


One piece of advice for everyone reading this to stay healthy and happy in 2013.

Eat well, sleep well and always make time to do something you enjoy.  It’s good for the body and the soul :)


Finally – this is your time – tell us something interesting about yourself? What do you do when you’re not teaching at Frame?!

Dancing’s my passion and it’s a fantastic way to stay in shape and sculpt your body. I do have another life though…a business called ‘Tonic’  We look at restaurants’ reservation systems and tailor them to their precise needs, improving the flow of service and the quality of customer experience! It means I get to eat out in a lot of new, yummy places in London which is fun!

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