Fitness instructor of the week - Lisanne


Frame Fitness Instructor of the week – Lisanne Van Sonsbeek

Hey there, how you doing? What you teaching at Frame at the moment?

Hey!  I am teaching Body by Frame, Ass & Abs, Frame Barre, Ballet Barre and anything fitness.  I am so excited to be teaching the all new Frame Barre on sundays in Shoreditch.

Tell us about your background? Have you always been a fitness/Yoga/Pilates/Dance instructor? How did you get into it?

I am a professional dancer and have been training since I was 14.  After graduating I started teaching dance and fitness classes and I still love doing it!

What do you love most about teaching at Frame?

The energy and atmosphere at Frame are great.  Everyone that comes there is nice and really wants to work out and give you their energy.

What do you do to stay in shape outside of teaching classes?

I dance as much as I can!  But I also love spending time at the gym, taking yoga classes, dance salsa and cycle.

Do you have any little workout tips for us?

Find something that you enjoy and what excites you.  Then it’s not something you ‚have’ to do, but you can’t wait to go back and do some more.  Working out should make you feel good and there is no perfect way of doing things, everyone is different.   As long as you give your all in whatever you decide to do, it’s all good.

What about a pre/post exercise snack? What will help us to become as strong/ fast/bendy as you?!!

Pre workout I go for easy digestible carbs and protein.  Nothing heavy and a small snack, like a rice cracker with humus.   After it’s time to give your body a bit more, so that it can recover in the best possible way.  Protein and carbs, like goats yoghurt with a banana and some oats.  I love my veggies, they are a huge part of my diet.  Other than breakfast I never eat really heavy meals anyway, I eat around 5 meals a day, clean and organic and always try to tune in with what my body needs at that time.

Music is a key part of teaching classes – where do you find your music inspiration from?

Everywhere.  As soon as I hear a song that I like in class, on radio or anywhere really, I write it down and youtube it later.  I often end up spending hours on clicking through videos, trying to find new artists and good songs.  And for everyones guilty pleasures I love adding some childhood favorites, often artists from years back still have the best music.

What’s your number 1 tune to sweat to?

Ciara’s new album, Jackie, just came out and it has some real goodness on there!

What is your favourite work-out outfit and where can we get our hands on it?!

I’m a Nike girl all the way.  I just love the quality, the brand, the shoes and the gear, the message they send out.. It’s just right.

One piece of advice for everyone reading this to stay healthy and happy in 2015

I would say let’s all focus on living less from our heads and more from our heart.  Tune in with your body, step away from screens, look around you and become aware of what you really want and need.  When we follow our intuition, it leads us to the best places.  Your body and soul want to be happy and healthy, we all want good things and positivity in our lifes, so why not be nice to ourselves and make it happen?

Finally – this is your time – tell us something interesting about yourself? What do you do when you’re not teaching at Frame

I am a busy bee, running around from castings and auditions to jobs, training and teaching.  Every day is different and no matter how hard I try to organise my week, my schedule always changes many times and still on the morning and even during a day things can still be completely turned around and I love it.  But taking time away from all is really important to me.  And I always say: my second passion is food.  Healthy food.  Reading about nutrition, spending a whole morning in the kitchen experimenting with good music in the background, catching up with the blogs that I follow and most of all going out with friends.  Catching up over some delicious healthy food in a nice, cute place, sitting outside on a beautiful day with coffee and just spending quality time with friends.. Nothing better.  Sundays are my favorite: mornings are spend in bed watching series and during the day taking the time to explore and enjoy London.


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