Sweaty Yoga

Sweaty Yoga

Get Me Some Sweaty Yoga

Yoga can make you sweat. Especially hot yoga. And hot yoga teachers. Watching Marcus’s fine Asana at the front of the class. Getting adjusted gently but firmly. I like sweating, it makes me feel like I’ve achieved something there and then, not like the poison umbrella tip delivery of Pilates or Method where you don’t realize you’ve been done until the next morning, when you get out of bed like someone replaced your joints with the bits that go in between your joints.

Sweaty Yoga

There are many reasons to sweat; exertion, being watched, telling a lie, business meetings, being adjusted by Marcus, as well as many ways to sweat. My current favorite is top lip, the full Tina Turner sweat mustache, mmm. Or the sweat covered mat / towel basting, whereon returning to your mat after particularly muscle tremulous exercise your body weight presses the previous sequences sweat out of the mat and on to you,  essentially double dipping yourself like a haute cuisine chip. This is where this new yogamatters towel comes in, the get a grip towel is made from microfiber to wick away moisture and has non toxic silicone dots to stop you sliding about.

So sweat, do it. Come to Power Yoga or Rocket Yoga and sweat like a mudra-f**ker, cause you know what they say -

the only way to make Holy water is to boil the Hell out of it.

Sweaty Yoga

Get a yogamatters Get a Grip towel at reception for £35

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