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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand spanking new Eating For Exercise ebook written in collaboration with in-house nutritionist Libby Limon.

Our Eating For Exercise ebook is designed to be your guide to create accessible nutritional understanding of your bodies needs before, during and after exercise. As well as fuelling you through the day, keeping you energised and motivated for your next workout. To allow you create a balanced, healthy diet, support your fitness and wellbeing goals.

Working out has never been more accessable, fun or sociable. Nutrition and Fitness go hand in hand, and there is a huge amount of information out there, however a lot of it is confusing and contradictory. There’s paleo, vegan, high protein, low carb, high fat, low fat, ketogenic, new atkins, alkaline, sugar free etc. the list goes on…

Much of the advice is aimed at specific groups such as those taking part in endurance events or working on building muscle tone via weights. So what if you’re just the average guy or gal that loves to work out, stay fit, be lean and healthy what do you eat?

Expect in-depth nutrition advice based on real science you won’t find in the glossy mags plus truly delicious and easy to follow recipes which don’t contain tons of weird and expensive ingredients. This isn’t a quick fix crash diet but a route to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. We believe life is all about balance, so eat, exercise and don’t forget to #FUELYOURFRAME.

Get all 12 delicious and easy to follow Eating For Exercise recipes plus top tips, nutrition science and much more for just £5! Download now by clicking the link below.

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