This weeks Feature Framer is the FABULOUS Adrienne Herbert… Read more to find out about her awesome life and LOVE for Frame….

You look incredibly fabulous and successful… What is it you do with your life?

I am dancer & personal trainer, but my biggest achievement & favourite job in the world is being a Mummy to my son Jude.

What class are you heading to?

My friend Kimberly and I are going to Flow Yoga. I haven’t seen Kimberly for a while as our schedules rarely unite these days. I sent her a last minute whatspp message to suggest a yoga class/catch up. She replied with a smiley emoji, ‘Save me a mat.’ I love my friends!

What are your wearing?

Of course I am flaunting the new WhistlesxFrame kit. The flow harem pants are my favourite.

What did you have for lunch?

I ate left over pasta bake.

Favourite place in London to chill the F out….

I love London in the summer, we always enjoy walking along the South Bank. We watch the street performers, Jude plays at the miniature beach area and there are tones of yummy food pop ups.

Favourite place in London to party…

If I’m going out with my dancer girl friends, we’ll head to Floridita in Soho. Live jazz music, mojitos and salsa dancing, reminds me of being on holiday in Spain.

Any tips for a pre/post workout snack?

After a work out I like to drink chocolate soya milk. It’s a great recovery drink for those tired muscles. Chocolate milk contains carbs, protein and a little sodium & sugar too.

Any tips for getting from a class to the bar with minimum effort?

Apparently it’s acceptable to wear air max anywhere these days. So, I’d go for some bright bold footwear and skinny jeans.

If you could dance/squat/jump/downward dog to any song in the whole world, what would it be?

That’s tricky, I have so many! This week I’ve been working out to Black Eyed Peas Elephunk.

Where is your favourite bar nearby to celebrate getting through another Frame class?

The Ace Hotel, Shoreditch

Who’s your favourite Instructor at Frame? What is it about them that gets you going?

I love Steffy White. I have known Steffy for a few years, she is super fun & has an incredible energy. Her classes are kick ass and you will leave the studio feeling two inches taller.

This is your time…Any self-promotion you want to hit us with?!

Earlier this year I began writing a blog www.thatsmymum.com.

The blog is a platform for women’s health and wellness, I share tips from ‘5 Minute Ab Workouts’ to ‘Breakfast Muffin Recipes’. My aim is to help other Mothers to get active whilst enjoying some well deserved me-time!

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