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Our very own Isla tells us a little about how she looks so stylish on her way to take a class at frame, we love the top, amazing mustache for a heart man……very Lazy Oaf! Congratulations on being crowned ‘FRAMETTE OF THE WEEK’

Ilsa: I am wearing a Zara high wasted pencil skirt with brown belt, Zara moustache t-shirt, Topshop brown leather slip ons

Pip: First and most importantly, what did you have for lunch today?

Isla: That is definitely the most important question, every day. Today I had a jacket potato with pork vindaloo and salad from the excellent Foodhall on Old Street, next to Shoreditch Town Hall.  A bargain at 3.50.

Pip: What does this award mean to you, and what do you plan on doing with the title? (push for world peace perhaps?)

Ilsa: I always strive for the achievement of World Peace, but in the meantime this award means to me that I should actually be allowed to walk the streets of too-cool-for-school Shoreditch with my head held high despite nearing 30.  And I plan to do just that with the title of Framette of the week.

Pip:What class are you heading to?

Isla: Dance Conditioning

Pip:Tell us something interesting about yourself:

Isla:Here are 3 things… I work around the corner from Frame at Ustwo™ design studio.  For my honeymoon this year I went to Iceland. I love Stilton cheese almost more than life itself.

Pip:Favourite place in London (besides Frame of course):

Ilsa:Oh that is a tough one, I have so very many it’s impossible to choose. I’d say Parliament Hill Fields or my flat in Bermondsey, overlooking Tower Bridge and the City.

Pip:Any tips for a pre/post workout snack?

Ilsa:Rice cakes with Nutella – trying to strike a balance there.

Pip: Any tips for getting from a class to the bar with minimum effort?

Ilsa: A sneaky one – using the men’s changing rooms in Frame if there aren’t any boys about (always with permission of course)!

Pip: If you could dance/squat/jump/downward dog to any song in the whole world, what would it be?

Ilsa: Any of the 80s tunes in the Jane Fonda Tribute class with Elkie.

Pip:Time taken from leaving class to Leaving Frame

Ilsa: A quick turnaround of 25 minutes

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