Our New Framers of the Week….

…Anna-Marie Fitzgerald & Phoebe Frangoul  editors of www.pamflet.co.uk

Thanks so much for being our Framers of the week! Tell us a bit about yourselves…

What are you wearing?

A-M: Nike cheetah leggings in various shades of grey, pink and black sneakers plus a black vest – I’m a bit of a gym goth.

P: On the way to Frame it’s black skinny Uniqlo jeans, a Uniqlo camisole, cream Equipment shirt, white Massimo Dutti brogues, tatty Devine chip fork necklace and marc by Marc Jacobs straw satchel. For my class it’s Vevie leggings, Sweaty Betty grey vest and orange sports bra, neon orange Nike trainers

What did you have for lunch?

A-M: A tasty falafel salad from Hummus Bros and an apple.

P: A cheese and tomato sandwich!


What does this award mean to you, and what do you plan on doing with the title? (push for world peace perhaps?)

A-M: I’m honoured – I’m going to make rosettes for Phoebe and I with it on!

P: As a former exercise-phobe being Framer of the week is a celebration of how Frame finally cured my fear of working out!


What class are you heading to?

A-M: Kettlebells, Boxfit or Vinyasa Yoga

P: I’ve been going regularly to Cardiobound for over three years, but this week it’s my first antenatal pilates class!


Tell us something interesting about yourself:

A-M: My second toe’s longer than my big toe. Freaky.

P: I run the 23rd Bethnal Green Brownies troop!


Favourite place in London….

A-M: This probably changes at least once a week, but the views of the city from the top of Centre Point, Parliament Hill and Waterloo Bridge always remind me how much I love London.

P: Waterloo Bridge – the view is the best in the city and I always feel like I’m coming home when I go over the river on a bus.


Any tips for a pre/post workout snack?

A-M: In an ideal world, fresh coconut and in the real world an icy coconut water and banana smoothie.

P: Dates and dried apricots are always handy for a sugar boost.


Any tips for getting from a class to the bar with minimum effort?

A-M: Always wear black jersey basics so that no one can tell where your active and regular wardrobes begin and end. Perhaps not the chic-est way to live, but it can save you a lot of time in situations like this.

P: Red lipstick is the cure for all evils in my opinion.


If you could dance/squat/jump/downward dog to any song in the whole world, what would it be?

A-M: Anything by Madonna.

P: It’s got to be Taylor Swift’s Love Story – I’m a sentimentalist. Or The Prodigy Warrior’s Dance (not always a sentimentalist).


Where is your favourite bar nearby to celebrate getting through another Frame class?

A-M: Lovelovelove Loungelover

P: I like Off Broadway, Viajante – the cocktail bar at the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green and Bistrotheque.


Who’s your favourite Instructor at Frame? What is it about them that gets you going?

A-M: It’s probably unsporting to choose between all of Frame’s fabulous teachers, but I do think that Jermaine somehow makes jumping around with 6kg weights seem almost fun and Keziah’s yoga sessions are always the right mix of challenging and relaxing.

P: It’s got to be Diana! When she was taking cardiobound while pregnant that was a total inspiration to me and she has really good routines that feel seriously energetic but are easy to follow


You look incredibly fabulous and successful… What is it you do with your life?

A-M: I have a lot of fun and read non-stop as a book publicist for a small independent publisher called Profile Books.

P: I’m a freelance writer and editor, writing for sites like xojane.co.uk, glam.co.uk and my own blog, pamflet.co.uk


This is your time…Any self-promotion you want to hit us with?!

A-M: We run the Pamflet zine and salons and our next event featuring a talk by Diana Vreeland biographer Amanda Mackenzie Stuart on Tuesday 2 July – you can find more details here.

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