Beautiful Eyebrows!

Make-up tips for keeping your eyebrows well-groomed by mobile beauty therapist

Louise Boothe.. 


Beautiful eyebrows are transformative. They define features and enhance natural

beauty. They make a face more balanced and youthful. Tidy, well-shaped brows will

define and enhance your entire face, even allowing you to wear less make-up.

The following tips will help you to keep your brows well-groomed in between shaping


• When choosing a brow pencil or powder, avoid shades with any red tones (even

if you have red hair), which will stand out and look unnatural. Instead go for

products that match your hair colour but have a grey and almost sludgy, muddy


• When using brow powder, take a flat, thin brush and use in short strokes in the

direction of hair growth to mimic hairs. This is much more flattering than filling in

one block of colour, which can look too severe.

• After applying make-up to eyebrows, comb through to blend any harsh lines and

brush hairs into place.

• If your eyebrows are sparse or patchy carefully pat a translucent powder over

brow pencil or powder to take away any shine that will emphasise gaps.

• Have your eyebrows professionally shaped.

The right brow shape will define and enhance your entire face and can be like a mini facelift. Visit to find out more and book an appointment.

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