Growing pains…..

I don’t know about you but growing these “ohhh sooo trendddyyy” hippy fringes out from last season is killing me!! Its at the in between stage, too short to be cut into any style and too long to be worn down with any kind of coolness. I now look like I have the 90’s curtains! But I am persevering and I have one style that is helping me through these dark days……….This particular photo is from my portfolio, to see more go to, photography by

How Too……………..

All you need is a spongey sausage hair piece from any chemist. Pop your hair into a high ponytail and pin that bloody fringe of your face!

Next thread the pony tail through the sausage. Back comb your hair in small sections and then pin hair over and under. A great daytime look especially if your hair is a bit sweaty after class. Use lot of Aussie Miracle hairspray to hold in place. Here is a cheesy american how to on youtube….

Same deal……………..

This is from Vogue Italia 2010, loving the smokey eyes its all so1960’s glamour! Great evening look!

If you haven’t got long enough hair for a pony tail then just TRY….TRY….TRY to wear those “fringe gone curtains” with pride.  If it makes you feel better ,as you walk the streets of east London you will notice many a fair lady with the same curtains sharing your growing pains and just remember it will all be over soon!

Written by Elkie Phililps

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