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PUMA Faas 600 S

Polly puts the the PUMA Mobium Elite V2; the first female specific running shoe from PUMA  through their paces…

The first thing I noticed about this running shoe was the bright colours and sleek design, secondly was its weight; the shoe was so light it felt like I was holding a sponge! It doesn’t give off the light as a feather feel when looking at it from a glance. I did think to myself this will be interesting as all of my other running trainers are quite heavy in weight. Thirdly the shoe itself looks quite small and I thought that I might not be able to fit into it even though it was my correct size and fourthly the flexibility of the sole.

Next step was to try it on! It felt like I was putting on a sock with a cushion insert. It was as if it moulded to the shape and size of my foot. I found this a very attractive quality compared to all of my other trainers that now seemed like they were made for Big Foot. I did a mini back and forth jump to get a bit of a feel for the shoe and it felt as if I had a set of springs stuck to the bottom of my feet. I got a little bit excited as I absolutely love running and thought, right it’s time to put these shoes to the test and hit the streets.

The shoes were great and I feel definitely enhanced my running performance. Running in London can be quite difficult as the streets can be narrow and the congestion of traffic means that you are constantly darting between bikes, cars and pedestrians.  The cushion on the outer sole minimised the impact around my ankles and knees. The flexibility of the sole also made it extremely comfortable when running on pavement and grass. Another perk to the weight of this running shoe is that when you are travelling around town it is easy and light to carry. These shoes were definitely great for inner city running.

PUMA distance runner Susan Partridge trains in the Mobium Elite V2, she was the leading brit in the 2013 IAAF World Championships marathon in Moscow last month, finishing 10th. Susan has a personal best of 2:30:46 and was the fastest british female at the Virgin London Marathon earlier this year. Here’s a video of Susan in action;

Here’s the technical bit…

The PUMA Mobium Elite v2 is a game-changing new running shoe in Puma’s Adaptive Running category and adapts to the foot as it moves, expanding and contracting as the foot naturally does in stride.


RRP: £85 Stockist: Sportshoes.co.uk or ProDirectRunning.com

PUMA Faas 600 S




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