Olé it’s hump day! We are half way to the weekend, but now is not the time to lose motivation before the pesky Thirsty Thursday and Friday Funday arrive. FRAME have plenty of classes and workshops over the weekend to help you maintain focus on your fitness goals. Sure, have a glass of wine on Friday, read more

Jodie has always been very active lady, from swimming to gymnastics as a kid she then fell in love with dancing in her teens. At Performing Arts College Jodie trained in all styles of dance including ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary. Later on she found Hip hop and street styles and has been part of read more

We know it’s a big ask, the urge for a Monday morning coffee injection is strong. Resist temptation for caffeine and go for a more natural option this Monday- we dare you to give it a try! Remember that coffee dehydrates you, not want you want after a heavy weekend. Cayenne heats up the body, read more

Sunday blues? Don’t let them close, get ahead of the game this week! The key to success is to have a plan to keep you motivated throughout the week, we know you’re looking forward to next weekend already. FRAME have great classes coming up this week but we are especially excited about Wednesday’s  Run Club with read more

Alright, it’s getting a lot of air time so let’s just hack out a list of the top 5 reasons why coconut oil is not only good for you, useable on your body and  in the kitchen yadda yadda yadda… it definitely is little miss versatile. Here is a top list of why we think read more

It’s hot today guys! Time to take caution, use the heat as an excuse to take it a little easier on yourself! It is Friday after all!  You can still get a great work out with some low impact or resistance training, so downward dog in the garden or go for a brisk stroll through read more

  WATCH OUR VIDEO AND LEARN HOW TO MAKE A MACATTACK SMOOTHIE AT HOME! Our Macattack Smoothie has been carefully developed by Frame in-house nutritionist Libby Limon. Not only is it PACKED full of vitamins and minerals it also packs a massive protein punch meaning it is perfect for post-workout recovery. It’s lactose free and read more