Congratulations Nikki on being crowned ‘FRAMETTE OF THE WEEK’ Jo: First and most importantly, what did you have for lunch today? Nikki: Tomato soup, pitta bread, spicy hummus and cucumber – YUM. Oh and a Crunchie. Jo:What are you wearing? Nikki: H&M top, Topshop trousers, shoes from a shop by my old flat on Cheshire read more

Put on your favourite Beyonce track and body roll your way to the rest of your week…start with your chest sticking out and bum out….. Next…bring your hips forward and roll your body in wards…. Then reverse the moves…and bring your body back the other way…..maybe play this song when you are doing it…..

Just a funny little animation….lazy sunday…think outside the box!


Rufio Summers….

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Popped into see Rufio Summers perform a set in 333 on Friday night after starting halloween with a thriller workshop with my mates Abi and Katie….who may I add got into the last two in musical statue thriller style….cheers Elliot!! (oh and some quick onion rings in the Diner) Was so much fun…photos and videos read more


Flo Jo does Fashion……

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Halloweeeeeeennnn is upon us again!! YAY!!!!! I mean, I personally don’t need an excuse to dress up as a ghost or witch come a Friday night, but I guess some people do. So I got to thinking…. What if you wanted to go from Frame to a halloween party….. I have come up with the read more

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I visited New York last year and saw this fun and inspiring photoshoot by photographer Tim Walker for Tim Burton at New Yorks Museum of Modern Art.. Give us some ideas for our halloween costumes! This makes me want to watch Edward Scissor hands or Nightmare on Elm street……Or maybe dance like Micheal Jackson at read more

Prison Break…watch it…there are no words…