Growing pains…..

I don’t know about you but growing these “ohhh sooo trendddyyy” hippy fringes out from last season is killing me!! Its at the in between stage, too short to be cut into any style and too long to be worn down with any kind of coolness. I now look like I have the 90’s curtains! read more

Check out Joey and Jason Barbera two hot hot male model twins from the USA….muchos gracias!!!  Something to get you going for the rest if the week!!!Could you handle two…..let us know your thoughts…..down girls!

Our very own Isla tells us a little about how she looks so stylish on her way to take a class at frame, we love the top, amazing mustache for a heart man……very Lazy Oaf! Congratulations on being crowned ‘FRAMETTE OF THE WEEK’ Ilsa: I am wearing a Zara high wasted pencil skirt with brown read more

Dear Diary…… It’s Sexy Sushi Monday! Why? Well we are feeling Japanese inspired after a cleansing and satisfying meal at Oishii in Stoke Newington. We pondered on the culture of Japan to create a regime where you do not have to  starve and can look glamorous at the same time!!! Have you ever wondered how read more

This summer Elkie and Leila went to Bestival and represented Frame by showing off all their best moves!! Lelia crunched, Elkie did some popping…. bit of tent, bit of drink, bit of dance….nice lantern Elkie…hair still perfect how?how?how? The girls took dance classes and showed the people of Bestival how to show off some moves read more