MAKE THE MOST OF THE QUIET TIMES AT FRAME SHOREDITCH WITH 7 OFF-PEAK CLASSES FOR £50     Take advantage of the studio when it’s a bit quieter with our sensational OFF-PEAK deal!   Get 7 OFF-PEAK classes for £50!   With a whole load more OFF-PEAK classes added to the timetable including some read more

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Happy New Year to you too Queen’s Park Framers! We have a delicious yoga deal for you this January…   GET WELL ZEN WITH 6 YOGA CLASSES FOR £60   If December has left you feeling like you need to brush off the cobwebs and energise yourself from the inside out we have just the read more

  Happy New Year Framers! For you Shoreditch lot, we have a fabulous January deal to work off that Christmas bloat!   GET 8 DELICIOUS DANCE CLASSES FOR £60!   So you think you can dance? Well whether you’ve got two left feet or you’re one of Beyonce’s backing dancers, the fact is, dancing gets read more

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HAPPY NEW YEAR FRAMERS! 2015 is here and we’re raring to GET PHYSICAL! So if you’ve started the New Year with a bang and you’re ready to hit the treadmill running, or if you need a little more motivation to get to the mat, we have a super shiny FRAME solution for you. Check out read more

Hangover Misery Avoidance Class We all know that throbbing headache of a hangover that comes hand in hand with this time of year. That infamous sensation will be your brain craving hydration / your body punishing you for last night’s excess! When you drink too much, your liver has to divert water from other organs read more

Now we know that there was some heartache at the departure of Brad – Shoreditch’s loss is very much Berlin’s gain. However the show must go on. And we’ve got just the man for the job – ladies and gentlemen, meet our brand new instructor, Leighton! As one of Australia’s leading all round performers, the read more

Our in-house nutritionist and yoga teacher Libby Limon, tells us how to actually stick to the common New Year’s resolution of getting fit and healthy    Getting fit and healthy must be the number one New Year’s resolution and January is a very busy time for the health, fitness and wellbeing industry. As a professional read more