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Last week, along with 10 influential health and fitness bloggers, I was lucky enough to attend the launch of ‘Catalyst Activewear’ a new brand of stunning fitness gear. After arriving in Victors Lab in Peckham, we were offered a range of leggings and sports tops to try on and test out in a rainbow of colours! They’re cool, they’re slick and they’re tight, in a good way! They suck you in, yet still allow you to breathe due to the fact they are designed as a ‘second skin’, so you don’t have to worry about the usual problems we have when wearing leggings to work out… Falling down/stretching/flapping around!!


The day was fantastic and our very own rocket yogi Daniella Olds lead an Inversion focused Rocket Yoga class in order for us to have the opportunity to experience Catalyst Activewear first hand and hear about the science and vision behind the brand.


Here’s a little info on Catalyst:


“Just like you: we run, we practice yoga, we dance and we live in the moment. We build our agility, sweating the old to succeed it with the new.

“One day we realized that this was just the beginning of the journey. It all truly starts when we excel ourselves and fully engage with the world. When we change a life, when we transform a place and when we nurture our surroundings.

“That is why Catalyst has set out to create the elements that will empower you along your journey.
“You can count on us to develop highly technical, beautifully crafted and finely tailored garments to support you every step along the way.

“Catalyst works with Europe’s most advanced mills to select the most exclusive and innovative activewear fabrics to not only provide you with increased comfort, it also maximizes your performance towards your new personal best.

“We are firm believers of giving back to the environment and all Catalyst products are hand-made in the UK; helping your economy so that we can invest our money where our heart is. Not to mention the fact that by having everything made locally, we make a significantly decrease in our carbon emissions!

“From the first day, Catalyst partnered with the World Land Trust. This means that for every meter of fabric going into our clothes, Catalyst funds the World Land Trust to purchase one meter of forest. Every day, your purchases are saving forests in Ecuador and Mexico. This is making a difference. This is forever saving wild land. This is forever providing safe habitats for endangered animals. You can proudly say that you are wearing your forest. Half a meter for a bra, one meter for a pair of leggings. #beAcatalyst #wearaforest”

You can buy them online here and we couldn’t recommend them enough!

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