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Here at Frame we love to keep our finger on the pulse of health, well-being and general fabulousness….. Check out the new food revolution that is based around raising the alkaline levels in the body to regulate some of those nasty toxins and (my favourite bit about it!!!) hormones- very clever indeed.   The lovely Tash and Vikki are the new paragons of cleansing and they make it oh so very easy for us to follow with great alkaline recipes in their new book Honestly Healthy.  Oh and it doesn’t stop there, oh no, they also offer an amazing  fridge fill service….  Why wouldn’t you give it a go when they make it so effortless!!

At Frame we’re pumped to be joining forces with both Honestly Healthy and REN Skincare in September. We’re launching the REN Body Bootcamp which aims to give you the perfect body, both inside and out.  All those people who sign up to the Bootcamp get a free Radiance kit from REN (RRP £24) and a number of bespoke recipe cards put together by Honestly Healthy Food, who are also offering a discount on their ‘3-day Fridge Fill’ a delivery of vegetarian, alkaline, delicious food aka the ‘mid-week survival kit.’ To get your 10% please quote FrameBootcamp.


More Info on Alkaline:

Food groups behave differently in the body – some provide energy (carbohydrates), whilst others are the very rebuilding and repairing blocks of our bodies and brains (proteins) – and yet others feed our neurological systems, regulate our hormones, and protect us against damage and disease (essential fats). How these foods behave in the body is broken down into two classes – acid and alkaline. Our bodies function best when in an overall alkaline state, PH 7.365 and yet much of our current eating trends and diets are very acid-forming in the body, leading to internal stress on the digestive and other systems.


The 2 week cleanse with your bootcamp delivered to your door

Detoxing and starving yourself is soooo last year…. it’s all about The Cleanse: feeding your body so it can naturally get rid of toxins – leaving you in a balanced state to lose weight naturally.

Cleansing your body will allow it to become balanced – a state in which it can function at its optimum. Getting rid of all the toxicity from the summer will make you feel a million dollars to take the rest of the year with full power.

yummy breakfast

HH delivers vegetarian, alkaline, delicious food twice each week. You’ll get your first delivery on a Monday evening for up to 3 days’ supply of nourishment; and then again on Thursday evening for up to 3 days’ of yumminess.

Meals supplied as part of the 2-week Bootcamp cleanse are: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks …  (£270.00 per person per week).


Scrummy recipe… Carrot and halloumi patties



4 large carrots – grated
4 spring onions (40g)
30g coriander
1 lemon
100g Hallumi – grated
1 clove garlic
20g red onion – grated
40g rice flour
2 table spoons of fennel seed
1 eggs white

4 table spoons of olive oil,
2 lime juice
1 t-spoon of agave


In a pan put 2 table spoons of olive oil and add the fennel seed for 3 minutes then take off the heat and put to one side.


Mix all ingredients into a separate bowl with the fennel seed olive oil.  Take a handful of the  mixture and squeeze the moisture out. Then create a small patti and sear till golden on each side. Then put into a pre-heated oven at 175 for 15 minutes.

Serve 3 on a bed of rocket with the lime dressing.




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