The Perfect Pilates Pant

perfect pilates

I love doing pilates. Before working at Frame , I wasnt really sure what pilates involved. I knew it would be good for my back ( I have soliosis) and I had heard that it would improve flabby tummy.

However, It has been absolutely instrumental in changing my body.. my back has strengthened up, therefore putting less pressure on my spine. My tummy has flatted, and if I eat right there is actually the beginnings of a 6 pack, and it is incredible for my mind. It is my form of yoga and now that Frame has new machines:  The Allegro, the classes are even better!

A few months ago, my Italian girlfriend, gifted me some fitness pants and I initially thought they were way too lightweight and thin for working out. I tried them once in Frame Camp, and had to keep pulling them up! But the are the PERFECT pilates pant, PLUS they are slimming and make the body look lean, so also good for en route to and from your pilates class!

Yamamay is an Italian brand, and their slim line range was originally designed as an undergarment to help loose weight. They say…

I can’t promise that they will do any of this, but they are by far the most comfortable and slimming workout pant I have come across and I regularly buy in bulk from the website!

The vest is also incredible for under shirts and I really want to try the all in one for under dresses!




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