It’s not all of our favourites, but these things just have to be done sometimes. Even if it is not something you want to do every day, running is a great way of gauging your fitness levels and seeing how far you have come in your fitness journey.

Run Dem Crew- Weds 6:45pm

This is not your traditional running club- nowhere close. It offers the opportunity to explore London in a safe, unique, positive and supportive environment and is loads and loads of fun. The lovely Charlie leads us through London every week, keeping you on your toes and introducing skill sets to break up the distances. Think parachutes and random incline runs!

Tribe Yoga Run- Sat 22nd 1:15pm

If you like running and you like yoga, then this one is for you. Not only do these guys make awesome snacks, they also get your cardio, strengthening and stretching fix in one awesome session. If you’re a runner, Yoga is the best thing to support your training, help you avoid injury and balance your body and mind. Tribe is a community of London runners. They look for the natural in the places they train and in the food they eat. They don’t do treadmills. They don’t eat processed. They believe that anything is possible given time and energy! They always go the distance, we know how they feel here at Frame.

£1 from every ticket will go to Tribe for Good which goes to help raise awareness for human trafficking.

Frame to Frame Run- 19th September

Don’t forget we have our very own Frame-to-Frame Run coming up, book online soon!

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