Happy New Year! Setting Intentions 2014

setting intentions


January is a time when we begin to reflect on what we want from life and think about setting intentions for the year ahead. My New Years resolutions are always the same;


1. Have more fun
2. Try new things

These resolutions aren’t about denying myself pleasure but more about enriching my life. When you open yourself out to new possibilities you inevitably meet new people and create memories which will leave you with a sense of fulfilment. Life needs to be about balance. If you work all the time and don’t leave room for other things you will start to feel empty and isolated. Human contact is unequivocally the most important thing in life and the fast track to bonding is shared experience. Rather than saying I’m going to work out 5 times a week and then feel bad when I only do 4, I’m going to set myself different sorts of challenges for 2014…


Travel is always high on my list, even if it’s just a long weekend in a European City, the chance to get away from it all and recharge the batteries is essential. This year I’m hoping to join one of the Frame Retreats to Morocco, Turkey or Spain. Going away with a bunch of friends or even just people you know have shared interests is one of the greatest experiences in life. Working together towards a common goal, be it trying your hand at surfing, perfecting your asanas or hiking to the top of the mountain makes you feel part of something special and only heightens the sense of achievement.

Just say YES!

Often our knee jerk reaction is to turn down opportunities. “I’m too tired” “I can’t afford it” “I just want to go home and watch Made In Chelsea” “I won’t know anyone” are all thoughts which go through my head constantly. You don’t have to say yes to every invitation but allowing yourself a chance to get out of your comfort zone means who knows who you might meet or where the journey may take you.

Try something new.

Most people are creatures of habit, content to stick to the same routines which make us feel safe. This year I’m going to try my hand at all those Frame classes which have scared me on the timetable. I might not be quite ready to give up my Pilates for Sweat Factoryyet but trying one new class each week and gaining a new skill will not only exercise my body in new ways but also my mind. There’s some awesome Workshops coming up at Frame this month. Always wanted to do the splits? Get a really great Kettlebell Technique, learn to Dance Like Beyonce or maybe just learn to dance in heels? Now is your chance!

Do something for others.

The gift of giving is often a whole lot better than receiving. Small acts of kindness not only help to bring you inner peace and happiness but also makes the world a much better place. So why not take the time to pay your granny a visit, drop round to a friends with a bunch of flowers or plan a fun surprise for you and your friends to enjoy.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Change the things you can and stop worrying about the things that you can’t. Put your energies to good use and free up your headspace for positive thoughts. Life is too short for regrets so move on and learn from it for next time.

Be kind to yourself.

If you haven’t done what you intended to do today it doesn’t matter. Tomorrow brings more opportunities. All you need to do is take the plunge, say yes and enjoy. Happy 2014 Framers!

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