No Time to Shower?!



Tips on freshening up when you don’t have time to scrub up!


During this busy Christmas period, you don’t want to miss out on your exercise routine, although with all those crimbo events planned, packing it all in may be a bit of a rush (how else are you going to work off those mince pies?!) Be it getting to a Christmas party straight from the office – you need to get there early for those free drinks! – Or getting to work after a morning workout, a proper shower isn’t always an option. So, here are some tips on getting squeaky clean to hide that sweat!


Dry Shampoo:


The obvious one to keep your hair looking voluminous and fresh when you don’t have time to wash it! Make sure you spray at least six inches away from the root to lightly and evenly distribute it without creating build-up and looking like your Grandma…

Batiste never fails us!




Or – to get that fresh scent naturally, try using an essential oil like grapefruit, eucalyptus or peppermint, add a few drops to your fingertips, then run over hair. Yum!


Sea Salt Spray:


This stuff is literally a beach holiday in a bottle! If you like wavy hair or are a surfer missing the sun, spray generously on your hair to add body. You can apply straight after exercising as this stuff works on dry or damp hair. For a salty, beachy, sexy look try our fave Bumble and Bumble ‘surf spray’. It’s the BOMB.

surf spray

Baby wipes:


As simple as it sounds a quick freshen up with baby wipes in an effective/allergen free way of wiping away sweat and cleansing your body. They are also very mild on your armpits, which many of us find very sensitive after excessive sweating.


For your face, try something even gentler – We love Neal’s Yard face wipes post work out as they get rid of sweat without stripping your skin like many high street brands. They’re also full of skin-soothing ingredients (white tea and aloe vera) and smell delicious.

neals yard



No Ponytails while exercising! You don’t want to kink your hair up before going out so how about trying out a plaited updo?  Divide your hair into two sections and plait each side into pigtails. Then pin it up on top of your head with Kirby grips into a Grecian style wreath! After class when you take it out, you’ll have beautifully curly hair :) All you need to do is add a little dry shampoo or surf spray and blow-dry any sweat away. Bliss!




(We promise it’s not that complicated!)


Natural Hypoallergenic Deodorant:


Natural Antiperspirant-free Deodorant will absorb odour without clogging your pores. Many cheaper high street brands can aggravate under your arms, just mask the smell of sweat and cause rashes and itchiness. If you want to take care of your skin and are willing to spend a little more, go for an all-natural product with pure essential oils. The subtle scent from the oils will keep you smelling fresh throughout the day! We love Dr Hauschka Sage Deodorant:

sage deodorant

Keep it clean people!



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