We’re pleased to announce our FRAME PERSONALISED website is up and running!!   Frame Personalised has been carefully designed for those who may have hit a plateau in their training, who have a special date in their diary or a specific weakness they would like to improve. All FRAME PERSONALISED trainers have been through read more

Join us at Frame Shoreditch this Saturday (1st November) at 2:30pm for an Introduction to Forrest Yoga Workshop with Janine Michelle! If you’ve not heard of it before, simply, Forrest yoga is a modern yoga style based on Hatha yoga. It is known for its long holding of positions, emphasis on abdominal core work, and read more

To all of our lovely Framers… As you’ll all know, a month ago we sent out a survey to all of you to get your feedback on what changes you’d like to see at both of our studios. First of all we wanted to give you all a MASSIVE THANK-YOU for all of your feedback, read more

SHAMONE! October only means one thing… HALLOWEEN! Don’t pretend that you haven’t secretly wanted to know the routine to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ ever since you were a kid… Well here’s your chance! Make sure you join us this Saturday (1st November) at FRAME Shoreditch for a 2 hour THRILLER Workshop with Annie! After an MJ read more

Come on down to FRAME Shoreditch to sample CRUDE JUICES! Our exciting new friends who will be supplying fresh cold pressed juices to us around the clock!  With so many of you Framers requesting raw, fresh juices to be made available in the studio, we wondered what on earth had taken us so long! So, read more

  Calling all you Queen’s Parkers! Come and join in on Saturday 1st November for a 2 hour VOGA Workshop!! Strike a pose… We’d had doga (dog yoga), emoga (emoji yoga), and even naked yoga (no thanks…). However, unlike these gimmicks, the new yoga craze which is really beginning to catch on, is the glorious read more

  Check out Stella’s interview with co-owner of the beauty blog, ‘Call it Vanity’ To visit the blog, click here! Who is Sabrina Di Giulio? Ummm well lets start with… I’m a crazy Canadian-Italian, double degree holding, music lover, beauty blogger, fashion follower who doesn’t understand the meaning of “inside voice” and can’t stop thinking read more