Get Your Protein Hit With Quark… Greek yoghurt has taken the global dairy market to new heights in the past few years. In London, the likes of Fage and Chobani (although New York-based Chobani has recently been banned from labelling US-made strained yoghurt as “Greek” in the UK) have seen increasing competition as other brands read more

  One of the best things about organising a wedding ( I have been engaged 14 months and have JUST begun ) is how many amazing companies you come across that are doing unique and innovative things. One of the most important thing for me at the moment is finding the perfect stationary for my read more

Ten Things Worth Reminding Ourselves About Stress by Cristalle Hayes   1.    Stress is normal. Stress is a very human response to an upsetting or threatening situation. 2.    Stress is physical and emotional. Stress can manifest in a physical and emotional way. Emotions and the body are intrinsically connected. You may not always be aware read more

  Travelling India as a SWF (Solo World Framer) Staying safe and guide to Pushkar   What to pack and guide to Udaipur At the end of February this year I put the fears aside and set off on a proper couple of months into the unknown, alone. I have always wanted to go to read more

When I heard news that the former Senior Maitre d’hotel at Scott’s ( MY FAVOURITE RESTAURANT – I could easily have lunch there every day!) was opening a new wine bar in Clapton I couldn’t quite believe it. Since getting our house in Clapton almost a year ago, the changes it has undergone are immense. There read more

I am always starving. I love food and because I exercise, sometimes I have to be careful that I don’t overeat and cancel out the good work. My favourite classes at Frame are Frame Camp, esp if Robb Birchley is taking the class, because he really kicks my ass, and Reformer Pilates. I am lucky read more

Discover the Energetics of Yoga with James French. James is an international teacher specialising in both Vinyasa Flow and Traditional Hatha Yoga. In this workshop the two will be combined into a “Hatha Flow”, designed to help bring awareness to the flow of energies within us. The Vinyasa sections will be challenging and creative – read more