ALSO FESTIVAL has recently been voted in the top 5 festivals for FITNESS fiends by Red Magazine.  With wild swimming and floating meditation in the lakes, what’s not to love?  Not only is this stylish festival  heaven for all fitness types, it also acts as a stylish sanctuary for food, philosophy and wellbeing.  Luckily for all read more

Have an occasion on Sunday afternoon? Or simply feel like a little bit of a pamper? Well, you’re in luck! The Painted Lady will be with us on Sunday 14th June from 11am-2pm, offering complimentary manicures, pre-class braids and beautiful bouncy blow-dries!! Exciting! Manicures will take around 10 minutes and blow-dries will take 30 minutes read more

Eating for Exercise means that you have to be a little more organised and think about meals in advance. Not a problem when it’s as easy as the recipe below… Check out this simple and easy Bircher Muesli recipe, just one of 12 delicious and healthy recipes designed by Libby Limon, in our Eating for read more

1. Hey Ben, thanks for being our featured Framer. We understand that you’ve been coming down to the studio for years now? Can you tell us a little bit about your time here? I hurt my back at a military style circuits class in my local park about 2 years ago. My physio said the read more

Have you had enough of caffeine shakes and the short lived ‘buzz’ you might get from coffee? Well, finally coffee has met it’s Matcha… Even though there is caffeine in Matcha, it’s a different sort called Theophylline, and has an alkaline rather than acidic effect. It’s also full of amino acid L-Theanine, which works in read more



Healthy doesn’t have to be hard thanks to Raw Press – a coldpressed juice company founded by young entrepreneurs Jack and Toby Graham.  The Raw Press cafe is located beneath fashion boutique, Wolf & Badge, as well as an online. From the refreshing Super Green with coconut water, kale and spinach, to the sweet, vanilla infused read more

Bee Pollen


So stylish and friendly, in their black and yellow…blackandyellow blackandyellow…Our fuzzy buzzing friends, the bees. Know a thing or two about keeping us healthy as well as our sweet tooth satisfied with their knee twitching produce.   As if yummy honey wasn’t good enough…it turns out Bee Pollen is also the BEES KNEES when it read more