To be perfectly honest I didn’t know who Vincent Cassel was until I saw Black Swan. Naturally his French male charm caught my attention as it oozed throughout film, in a bad boy but I like you manner. So what do you think? Hottie or Nottie? If you are developing a slight crush on the read more

The First of our February Frame-Card give-aways has a ballet-theme (I think it’s called a ‘trend’). The first person to tell us the name of 3 publications that have mentioned the Frame-BARRE classes at Frame gets £20 free Frame Card credit! Get finding out NOW! As the world is gripped with ballerina obsession, every magazine has pictures of read more

ASOS.... I love my dress.... until next week!

What Motivates You?

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Look at the front cover of any of the faux-glossy, celeb magazines that await us at the check out of one of the 5 Tescos between Frame and Dalston, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the answer to this question is ‘a weekly ASOS binge and having an arse as tight as Beyonce’s/Abs like read more

Tired of being Tired?!! Do you sit at your desk in the morning and say to your colleague…”I’m tired of being tired”? Well it is proven that women in particular need a sufficient DAILY supply of iron to help keep them feeling energetic. Now if you are busy and on the run, out entertaining for read more

Our lovely Framette Emma Forrest has just launched a fab new book, “Your Voice In My Head” Check out more about Emma here Unfortunately, my reading time has been cut to a minimum during January with everyone back at Frame in full force after indulging over the festive season! BUT check out what others have read more

Now the old marathon training is in full swing, Saturday night drinking is a thing of the past! To help myself come to terms with the semi-permanent damage to my social life, I have enlisted the help of LOVE FiLM and joined up to their ‘Film Lovers’ package. I toyed with the ‘Occasional Treat’ idea, read more

A guest post from girl about town, Scouser, lipstick wearer and Framette… Annie Kearney. Read and take note… if it makes you look as good as her – you’re onto a good thing! It’s only three weeks in and already the diary is chokka. New year resolutions are down the drain along with your winter read more