We love RI-RI! The red hair, the hot bod, the amazing attitude, and of course her guilty pleasure filled pop! She was recently in London, and her outfits were INSANE! Yes, I went on a bit of a Rhianna outfit stalk…. And lets just say I liked what I saw….. here are a few of my read more

WRAP UP YOUR YEAR WITH FRIDAY NIGHT CLUB….26TH NOVEMBER! Friday Night Club offers you a cheeky cocktail, a dance to our song of the year, an early celebration with Christmas classics , fashion treats and cards to buy…… What’s on offer… The “Work-Over” Package – a class, a drink of your choice -a mini MAC read more

Give us your opnion!  I have put Philip Scholfield…oh so young then…. everyone loves him up on the blog as hotty of the week by request from anonymous employee of Frame! Send us your thoughts hot or not…..??? And for all of us who still remember…flash back….

Last week Jessie…this week Cate! Two good friends feel the burn together…they answered a few questions to why is better to Frame it in a two!!…. Going with a friend is great because it means you actually go! If one of us is feeling lame the other one will be persuasive and then you’re always read more

Last Friday night club we had all the ballet dancers pointing and doing their most delicate plies to the sounds of DJ Ben Grimes! Check it out just click on the link! phttp://soundcloud.com/user1152542


Adam and Joe…Sausages

Eat Sausages for tea on a sunday…. amazing recipe…..quick and easy… Sausage and tomato Stew! Serves 6 Ingredients 2kg of lovely ripe cherry tomatoes – mixed colours if you can find them 2 sprigs each of fresh thyme, rosemary and bay 1 tablespoon of dried oregano 3 cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped 12 good-quality read more


Kotki DWA….

Amazing band playing Saturday 20th at Stag’s Head in Dalston and  Thursday 25th November at the LExington in Angel! http://www.kotkidwa.com/