Flo Jo does Fashion……

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Halloweeeeeeennnn is upon us again!! YAY!!!!! I mean, I personally don’t need an excuse to dress up as a ghost or witch come a Friday night, but I guess some people do. So I got to thinking…. What if you wanted to go from Frame to a halloween party….. I have come up with the read more

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I visited New York last year and saw this fun and inspiring photoshoot by photographer Tim Walker for Tim Burton at New Yorks Museum of Modern Art.. Give us some ideas for our halloween costumes! This makes me want to watch Edward Scissor hands or Nightmare on Elm street……Or maybe dance like Micheal Jackson at read more

Prison Break…watch it…there are no words…

Congratulations on being crowned ‘FRAMETTE OF THE WEEK’ Jo:First and most importantly, what did you have for lunch today? Mia: I usually take the midday class and grab some fruity snacks from the Aposotrophe on the way back to the office… Jo:Time taken from leaving class to Leaving Frame: Mia: 3.5 minutes at my best. read more

This Friday, 1 1/2 hours Thriller Workshop with Elliot! Come celebrate his birthday and halloween, dress up, get your fangs out and dance for the king of pop!

Who ever said I don’t have time to exercise…??? If your busy organising your social calander, sorting out your clients, booking your next hair appointment why not use a few quick and effect exercise like Joan! Do the plank… the plank…do the plank…..back straight, tail bone under and suck those abdominals in…hold for 1 minute….rest read more

I saw these guys play at the Hoxton Bar and Grill… went along with my friend Abi who promised me I would like them…..they met up to her expectations ans suprised me….so young but ones to watch!