How to make it through the Holidays without feeling like you have eaten a house?  We chat to our in-house nutritionist, Libby Limon to get her 5 top tips to negotiate the festivities without overindulging (too much) and make it to January guilt free…   1. Mindfulness is key to not letting things get read more

Turkey burgers: Christmas and turkey. They go together like yoga and bunnies. But the traditional basted n roasted number is far from the only way to serve the bird this yuletide. The staff here at Frame are all mad about this mega simple and protein packed turkey burger recipe.   To make the burgers, you’ll need read more

How best to boost your metabolism:  In this season of excess all areas, it can be hard not to end up feeling like a box of chocolates. To help you do battle against an expanding waistline this Christmas, we’ve got 5 great tips to help stoke up your metabolism and keep the bulge at bay: read more

Make sure you don’t miss a second of Frame over the festive season! Lovely Framers! The wait is over, our Christmas hours are in. We’re trying to keep disruption to an absolute minimum so you can get straight back into the swing of things, burning off all those mince pies and festive extras in next read more

This New Year’s Eve, one of Frame’s bendiest instructors, the lovely Steffy, is hosting a fantastic workshop at our Shoreditch studio to zen you right out ahead of the inevitable new year craziness. To dig down a little deeper into what’s on offer, we caught up with Steffy to find out what you Framers can read more

Ahead of the launch of her brand new workshop ‘Pick Yourself Up‘ here at Frame on 30th December, we caught up with uber-instructor Diana to find out a bit more about what makes her tick. “Can you tell us a bit about your background and how long you’ve been working at Frame?” I have a read more

Work experience

Inspire! at Frame

Frame is proud to announce its work with Education Business Partnership, ‘Inspire!’ At the heart of its work, Inspire! seeks to broker links between local and City of London employers, their employees and schools and colleges. The hope is that young local pupils will get the chance to learn about work and gain practical experience read more