Ever wondered what a nutritionist’s eats to stay healthy. We ask our in-house Nutritional Therapist Libby Limon what’s on her daily menu… “Like most people I work a busy and long days so don’t have as much time to cook as I would like to. During the week everything I do is quick, easy and read more



It’s not all of our favourites, but these things just have to be done sometimes. Even if it is not something you want to do every day, running is a great way of gauging your fitness levels and seeing how far you have come in your fitness journey. Run Dem Crew- Weds 6:45pm This is read more

With so many healthy fast food joints popping up in and around London, it’s hard not to be spoilt for choice. If you really want a nutritious and delicious fix (like a guilt-free Triple Chocolate Cheesecake – yes, we really just said Triple Chocolate Cheesecake) we’ve got just the place you can traipse over to read more

More is not always more, and a big part of fat loss is to gradually increase frequency and intensity. How do you make fat loss work for your body? Sure you might know about HIIT or interval training, but both are often abused in a way that stalls progress more than it helps.   While read more

We’re looking for some great salad inspiration this weekend ahead of our Frame X Deliciously Ella picnic. This is a great dish that you can serve in less that 15 minutes. We are so looking forward to seeing (but mostly eating) all your scrumptious salads in September! Ingredients: 2 servings of quinoa (about 120g) 1 read more

Despite its popular association with trips to the loo, fiber is no joke. The benefits of an efficient bowel aside, a high-fiber diet can also reduce the risk of stroke, hypertension, and heart disease- so not to be ignored! The body needs but never actually digests—in fact, it remains more or less the same from plate to read more

We have some great workshops coming up this August to get you moving and shaking for a few extra hours over the weekends. Perhaps you are wanting to learn to stand on your head, explore the best of British beats and moves, learn to pack a good punch or even just go for a good read more